COVID-19 Protocols at A.G.E. Post

For the safety of our team and our clients, we will be adhering to the following Safety Guidelines for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Work processes are reconfigured to the extent possible to increase opportunities to work from home. All team members that can carry out their work duties from home have been directed to do so.

The use of a cloth or surgical face mask that tightly covers the nose and mouth is required at all times within the facility, unless absolutely necessary to perform or record. Masks must remain on until recording begins. Masks must have two or more layers of tightly woven fabric. No valve masks or neck buffs please.

Social distancing measures have been put in place to allow all on-site staff to maintain a minimum of six (6) feet between other persons present in the facility. Please do not congregate in the kitchen, hallways, entry way(s) or stairwell.
One (1) team member is permitted to work in any on-site mix or edit bay at any given time.

Each worker is assigned their own tools, equipment and defined workspace as much as possible.
Sharing held items is minimized or eliminated.
All shared equipment, microphones, and tools must be disinfected after each use.
We allow all team members frequent breaks to wash their hands.
Hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19 is available throughout the facility.

Please fill out our COVID Self-screening Questionnaire before entry into the facility. Anyone experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, chills, loss of sense of taste & smell) prior to entering the facility will be asked to return home and self-isolate. Temperature will be taken before entry into the facility. If your temperature reads 100.4ºF or higher you will be asked to return home and self-isolate.