Turnover Specs

Please deliver your video reference file with visible burn-in timecode.

We prefer either of the following formats:

Apple ProRes Proxy
(Please use DNx36/45/LB/SQ formats as applicable to the framerate, 8-bit encoding)

 H.264/5 files cannot be confirmed to be frame-accurate and as a result, may present sync issues in the mix session timeline.

Track layout in your delivered AAF/OMF should follow the layout below as closely as possible:

– Top tracks – Voiceover/Narration

– Talking Heads/Sit-down Interviews (if applicable)

– Primary dialog, split out by character as much as possible

– B-Roll/Nat Sound

– Added SFX & Sound Design

– Final Tracks – Music

When exporting from Avid Media Composer, please use the following settings in your ‘Export Settings’ window:

When exporting from Adobe Premiere Pro, please use the following settings in your ‘AAF Export Settings’ window: